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Livestock Productivity
& Welfare Services

We provide a remote support and supervision service, using advanced software and data analytics, overseen by both artificial intelligence and our monitoring experts 24 hours a day.

For the best results, correlating real-time farm unit data with an understanding of animal behavior and farm management is the key to productivity gains. This is the only way to determine why things are occurring, and so provide guidance on farm actions that lead to improved circumstances and outcomes.

Our capability started in poultry, but today has applications across all farmed environments and is now being used globally in other farmed species

A system that delivers measurable welfare and enhanced productivity

We can utilize, evaluate and deliver actionable insights from any real-time data source, existing control panels, sensors, cameras, microphones, etc. We then ensure effective communication with the relevant persons to ensure on farm actions occur and additionally we use the data to validate the changes that were made as they happen. This ensures the livestock have the best possible welfare which is both the foundation of supply chain efficiency, resilience and the source of customer reassurance.

This real-time proactive support helps build the animals’ own resilience, reduces stress, and minimizes sickness. Reducing reliance on antibiotics and other interventions.

We call it Livestock Value Engineering

What customers say about us

Sound Talks

Optifarm is an excellent strategic fit for SoundTalks as a developing precision livestock business. The combination between PLF tools and Optifarm's excellent knowledge of the growth process will improve the return on every farm.

Dries Berckmans – CEO

J Sainsbury plc

Working for a significant food retailer I welcome the service offered by Optifarm. Their ability to support businesses globally on ways to optimise production offers the potential for significant benefits for all involved in livestock. Assessing the animals, the data and the staff needs clearly helps on the grounds of optimal livestock production but importantly it also allows businesses to exhibit to the supply chain that animal welfare standards are being maintained at all times.

Barney Kay – Head of Agriculture, Aquaculture & Horticulture

FCE Food Chain Enterprises

I have always been interested in how we can leverage new technology to help bridge the farm management skills gap and improve welfare, performance and financial returns for the flock farmers and in this respect I find what you are doing at Optifarm of great interest and I am very supportive of your initiative.

Jim Jonson – Director of FCE


We are impressed by Optifarm's continuous efforts to demonstrate that data plays an important role in modern poultry farming. With the Optifarm services poultry farmers are able to utilise the existing automation systems to its fullest potential, making the equipment even more valuable to them. In this way, farming can take place in a profitable and responsible way, with the fullest attention to food safety and animal welfare.

Jacques Janssen – Director Marketing and Sales.

We engineer livestock value bespoke for you.
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