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Our Mission

To link the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence with the traditions of farming by allowing the data from animals to drive timely, well informed actions.

How we started

We began exploring what is truly necessary at the farm level, driven by the need to be proactive rather than reactive in maximizing our business's potential, which stemmed from our own farming business requirements.

As a team, we have a deep heritage in farming and farm data but felt that simply analysing dashboards and graphs was not enough. It was always about what happened yesterday, last week, or last cycle. We also saw that our best farm managers were being distracted by trying to understand technology and data when their passion was with their animals.

So, we took inspiration from specialised teams in other sectors, allowing our farmers to focus on farming while we built an artificial intelligence powered data service with the aim of delivering actions through understanding. Using data directly from the animals themselves and our knowledge of farming to proactively identify any issues, understand the cause and communicate this to the on site staff in single application. Bringing both practical farming and data back together.

Upon witnessing our initiatives, others sought our support, leading our internal solution to evolve into a global service. With external investments secured, we began expanding into various farm livestock sectors.

Experience the App for yourself
  • With most issues, big or small, you need to react fast when animals are involved.
  • More issues occur overnight when staff are usually not around.
  • Most alerting and alarming systems are set too broadly to deliver value beyond emergency call outs.
  • Technology suppliers are great engineers but not farmers.
  • Maximising all the potential often requires more than one data set.
  • Digital platforms do a terrible job at communicating with those whom have a brain designed to empathise with animals not computers.
  • Different data sets in livestock production don’t talk to each other and cannot usually be amalgamated for combined analysis.
  • Data is not usually used to derive actions on farm in real time, but usually to form strategic decisions for the medium to long term.
  • We cannot accept these limitations if we are to drive a farming business to its potential.
  • Any service must be in real time so farmers react when they and their animals need it the most.
  • You must deliver this service 24 hours a day 7 days a week as you can’t predict when issues need addressing.
  • Farm staff love technology and data but only if it adds value to their lives and means they can look after their animals better.
  • To support on farm staff you need to understand their world to gain trust and respect.
  • It makes no difference whether you connect remotely to the data from the other side of town, a country or the other side of the world, making this a truly global option.
  • By combining data, an understanding of animals and a consideration for the farmers world you are best placed to assist with productivity gains and welfare validation of those animals.
  • There is no reason this digital service cannot add value to any livestock farming enterprise or species that has some real time data available.
  • Key is to bring the digital and analogue worlds of livestock farming together in one place through data, messaging and conversations.

Getting on with it

We have a can do attitude, are trustworthy, reliable and accountable. We own our tasks and challenges and get on with them to the best of our ability.

Emotionally invested

We are passionate about what we do. We are inclusive, open and actively engaged. We Care.‚Äč

Prepared to question

We are creative, seek process improvement, give feedback and strive to reconcile new ideas with business realities.

Engineering value in our industry ecosystem

A Global Business

  • 14 countries
  • 9 languages
  • 8 time zones

Innovating Software and Data Analytics

  • Database
  • Al and ML
  • Real-time interpretation

Across Multiple Sectors

  • Poultry
  • Swine
  • Dairy & Aqua (in development)
  • Interpretation

Adding value along the Food Supply Chain

  • Farms & Integrations
  • Processors
  • Retailers
  • Consumers

With Agritech Industry Backing

  • Investment
  • Distribution
  • Knowledge sharing

Linking the Possibilities of AI with the Traditions of Farming