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Track, Explore and Understand

Optifarm’s AI driven approach uses readily available data to uncover fascinating insights for a deeper understanding, engaging the whole management team in unique ways.

Optifarm app screen grabs displaying automated summary report.

Individual Farm Approach

We understand that data can hold a lot of valuable information for a business, however, running a farm is demanding, that’s why we support individual farms. By uniquely condensing findings, we provide a brief but comprehensive summary, offering essential insights into the main issues experienced daily in just a few sentences.

Let our unique AI driven service track the behaviour of your animals, identify changes, and explore the likely causes. We simply offer you the tools to assist you in checking and correcting any issues on farm.

Bringing Optifarm’s AI driven approach into your farm management decision making process in an easy to use, easy to understand, time efficient way.

Click below to explore an example of our individual farm service or email us for a personalised demo.

The Right Tools

Empower yourself and your team with the right tools for success. Supporting your team with our innovative digital solutions, such as an app, not only enhances understanding and efficiency but also ensures seamless communication and decision-making across your farm operations.

You have the control to select the services you require, paying solely for those you activate on your chosen farms, on the days you need them. You pay only for the services you utilise.

This approach is remarkably cost-effective, particularly when expanding across multiple sites with diverse requirements.

The in app reporting features allow you to select and review our findings at any moment, including the use of our AI summary insights. You are also equipped with the ability to run a summary query at any moment for a live summary text.

All reporting is available to download or sent via email for additional information sharing or storage.

Communication is key, so we ensure all clients can communicate with us and others in any chosen language.

Break language barriers with our state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Communicate effortlessly in multiple languages through our user interface and chat feature, where messages are automatically translated using advanced Neural Machine Translation (NMT) algorithms. Enable smooth communication and collaboration among your diverse team members, regardless of language differences.

Keep your staff informed and engaged with customisable notifications. We know that whilst notifications are key, too many can be off putting and lead to a poor user experience. You and your team can define what you want to be notified of and when, with a range of options to chose from.

Streamline workflows and improve productivity with our integrated task management feature. Create action from our insights by assigning one off events or recurring tasks.

Validate actions from maintained records with the added ability to cross reference changes in animal behaviour and improvements in performance to specific tasks being fulfilled.

Linking the Possibilities of AI with the Traditions of Farming