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Interactive Solutions

Harnessing live interactive technology

Optifarm’s Livestock Value Engineering represents a technological breakthrough, using innovative interactive solutions to convert complex multi-sensor information into practical real time action.

We continually work on new innovations. Our aim is to provide the ability to know why things are happening, and at that exact moment in time. This includes our interaction with robotics, artificial intelligence, automated visual recognition technology, ground-breaking new sensor equipment, and pioneering communication techniques.

Please contact us to discover what solutions we can offer for your specific situation.

Data Interpretation

What customers say about us

Sound Talks

Optifarm is an excellent strategic fit for SoundTalks as a developing precision livestock business. The combination between PLF tools and Optifarms excellent knowledge of the growth process will improve the return on every farm.

Dries Berckmans, CEO

J Sainsbury plc

Working for a significant food retailer I welcome the service offered by Optifarm. Their ability to support businesses globally on ways to optimise production offers the potential for significant benefits for all involved in livestock. Assessing the animals, the data and the staff needs clearly helps on the grounds of optimal livestock production but importantly it also allows businesses to exhibit to the supply chain that animal welfare standards are being maintained at all times.

Barney Kay – Head of Agriculture, Aquaculture & Horticulture

FCE Food Chain Enterprises

I have always been interested in how we can leverage new technology to help bridge the farm management skills gap and improve welfare, performance and financial returns for the flock farmers and in this respect I find what you are doing at Optifarm of great interest and I am very supportive of your initiative.

Jim Jonson – Director of FCE


We are impressed by Optifarm's continuous efforts to demonstrate that data plays an important role in modern poultry farming. With the Optifarm services poultry farmers are able to utilise the existing automation systems to its fullest potential, making the equipment even more valuable to them. In this way, farming can take place in a profitable and responsible way, with the fullest attention to food safety and animal welfare.

Jacques Janssen – Director Marketing and Sales.

Artificial intelligence – ensuring continuous learning and better interventions

We have been able to build the world’s first interactive animal experience database. We use analysis and correlations from multiple data sets along with our knowledge of livestock production to establish behavioural understandings in real time. Combining infrastructure and water consumption data provides a complete understanding of the animal’s experience, and how best to react for optimal welfare.

This growing use of Artificial Intelligence to drive data learning enables us to continually improve the quality of the insights we can provide our customers and the effectiveness of the interventions we encourage.

Assisting Biosecurity Protocols

Remote data analysis and interpretation offers significant opportunities to re-evaluate biosecurity measures deployed within larger farming enterprises. By remotely understanding what is happening in every barn, 24 hours a day, it is much easier to deploy physical farm visits to farms only at the point of need. This removes some of the routine visits and reduces the biosecurity risk of entering barns, beyond checking productivity and welfare.

In the regrettable situation where a disease outbreak has occurred our remote interactive solutions will remain connected to all sites, assessing data in real time and supporting our clients with no biosecurity risk.

Where biosecurity challenges are regrettably reoccurring, it is possible for us to detect early warning signs of issues based on our real time data assessments, therefore better placed to inform clients and allow them to take remedial actions sooner.

Interactive solutions makes sense

We proactively seek out your problems and challenges, we don’t respond to alerts but rather try to find something before even an alert, we do this by continuously evaluating farm data against agreed or expected values.

Furthermore, our AI employs data correlation methods to uncover additional connections to our discoveries. Subsequently, leveraging our knowledge-based decision tree, we ascertain the root cause of the situation. From understanding what has happened and why, we inform to resolve the issue independently or suggest remedial actions and support their implementation.

Delivering actionable insights

Our interactive solutions ability to be completely agnostic, evaluating multiple data streams independently or converged means we are uniquely based to deliver insights to our clients in real time, as the scenario is happening, allowing for a prompt response. This is the only way to derive actions from data and ensure those actions enhance welfare and productivity.

Linking the Possibilities of AI with the Traditions of Farming