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Linking the Possibilities of AI with the Traditions of Farming

​All made possible by allowing the data from the animals to drive timely well-informed actions.

We provide the ability to know why things are happening and support you and your teams to act via our App.

Contact us for more information and a free demo version of our App.

*Starting from ¢50 per day.

Value creation across
the supply chain

For Farm Operators

We ensure that the livestock benefit from real time 24/7 data interpretation, data insights, consistent routines, equipment supervision, support and optimisation of all farm resources.

For Processors and Integrators

We bring enhanced commercial productivity, predictability, insights and production efficiency as well as supply chain validation.

For Retailers

We help ensure validated supply chain resilience and ESG transparency starting from real time, farm source data.

Linking the Possibilities

Engineering value with Systems Monitoring

A Global Business

  • 14 countries
  • 9 languages
  • 8 time zones

Innovating software and data analytics

  • Database
  • Al and ML
  • Real time interpretation

Across Multiple Sectors

  • Poultry
  • Pig
  • Dairy & Aqua (in development)

Adding value along the food supply chain

  • Farms & Integrations
  • Processors
  • Retailers
  • Consumers

With Agritech industry backing

  • Investment
  • Distribution
  • Knowledge sharing

We engineer livestock value bespoke for you.
Contact us: + 44 (0) 1246 569 066